Wurlitza presents A Cottage on Dartmoor

Wurlitza presents A Cottage on Dartmoor

25 Mar 20:15 - 21:45 - Wadebridge
Regal Cinema Wadebridge


Wurlitza are a 5 part band specialising in adding live soundtracks to the best silent movies of the late 1920s.
A Cottage on Dartmoor is a thriller of love, jealousy and hairdressing. Made in 1929 by the young Anthony Asquith, this film explores the latest craze to have been hitting the cinemas; the talkies. One of the last silent films to be made, this is early British cinema at its best.
Wurlitza's wide ranging repertoire includes original, pop, contemporary, classical, jazz and klezmer music. Expect the unexpected! Wurlitza add a modern twist to silent film accompaniment by adding music that will be familiar, but arranged in a way that is novel and fresh. The soundtrack to A Cottage 0n Dartmoor includes classical pieces by Mozart, Chopin and Villa Lobos, alongside jazz and pop songs from Serge Gainsbourgh, Blondie, Buddy Holly and Coldplay.
Wurlitza have performed their unique live silent film soundtracks to critical acclaim throughout the South West and beyond, wowing audiences at Glastonbury Festival in 2016 and Blackpool Film Festival in 2017. Recent performances have sold out.

In association with Carn to Cove and Wadebridge Plays.
“Why does Wurlitza work? Because they bring magic.”
“Totally unique musical experience - goosebumps guaranteed.”
“Such a new and enriching experience.”
“I loved Wurlitza’s Pop to Classical mix.” – Baudade, The Guardian.
“A musical and visual treat that is not to be missed." - Paul K Joyce (Composer/Producer)

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