Prenatal Yoga Class

Prenatal Yoga Class

16 Apr 17:15 - 14 May 18:00 - Preston
Chakra Wellbeing Studio


A prenatal yoga class for all expecting mums; whether you've practiced yoga before or not. We will be using traditional yoga poses adapted for mummies-to-be to help release tension, stretch and build strength.

The session will including an opportunity to connect with your baby, whilst offering you an opportunity to surrender and give your body and mind whatever it needs.

There will be time before the class (from 5pm onwards) to speak to other mummies-to-be, and time after to relax with a green tea and some fresh fruit before stepping back into the world.

This is a 4 week class package for just £30. Please note: due to the bank holiday, there will be no class on Monday 7th May 2018.

Spaces are limited, so please do contact via messenger or e-mail to reserve/book your space.

Come and try, who knows what friends you may make or the great feeling you'll have after and take with you to concur your week!

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