Rat Race Project: Hadrian's End to End

Rat Race Project: Hadrian's End to End

25 May 07:00 - 26 May 17:00 - Carlisle
Carlisle, Cumbria


Our adventure sets out to journey the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, using foot, bike and our sturdy double sea kayaks – ideal for the tidal and non-tidal conditions we will encounter on this challenge.

We will set out from the westernmost point of the wall at Bowness-on-Solway in our kayaks, before transitioning to bikes for the ride out of Carlisle into ‘Wall country’ and then transitioning to foot at Greenhead for the final stage of day 1. We’ll travel as a small group but there will be opportunities to ‘stretch the legs’ on bike and foot sections if you wish to forge ahead (or take your time), with little navigation required as you take to the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail, which follows this incredible landmark over the crags, uplands and moors of Northumberland National Park. You will pass mile-castles and ruined forts on foot in this truly evocative landscape; and you may just get a sense of the vast frontier that the Legions must have felt standing guard here, staring out into the untamed wilderness north of the wall. We accommodate beneath the shadow of the wall ridge (Whin Sill) at Winshields, with the friendly Twice Brewed pub nearby.

Day 2 sees an equally adventurous Multi-Sport day. You will lace those trainers again for more of the classic National Trail, then switching south to pick up the smooth surface of Stanegate Roman Road for the long descent to the Tyne, at Hexham or Corbridge for the waiting kayaks. We will shoot down a fun section of the Tyne and come ashore in Wylam, to meet the bikes again. The excellent cycleway then takes you into Newcastle under the many iconic bridges, to reach the stunning Millennium Bridge and Baltic Wharf area, where you put trainers on for one last run to the finish and eastern–most end point of the Hadrian’s Wall at Wallsend.

– Brand new route to achieve a complete multi-discipline traverse of the full length of ‘the Wall’
– Unique canoe legs on the tidal Solway and the famous Tyne
– Run (or trek) on the most famous and picturesque sections of Hadrian’s Wall, including Sycamore Gap, the crag edges, ruined forts and milecastles.
– Stunning overnight location in the middle of ‘Wall country’
-Start and finish at the true ‘ends’ of the Wall at Bowness-on-Solway and Wallsend.

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