Dorset ultra road, name to be changed

Dorset ultra road, name to be changed

16 Jun 04:00 - 22:00 - Bridport
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We are working on a ROAD ULTRA, 86 km (Give or take) with approx 2500 ft of climbing per lap(5000 ft in total).
It will consist of two Marathons, following a marathon distance lap twice, but you can choose to do just one lap if you wish (26.2 miles) One lap + 10 (So 36.2 miles) or two laps (52.4 miles)
It will be fully supported, so lots of feeds, safety and medical cover, hot food will be available during and after the event (FREE TO ENTRANTS) , with camping, showers and all the facilities you would expect from an event of this scale.
If its something you would be interested in , just click to show the level of interest and we will get more details up as the planning takes effect.

The times and dates are examples and will change

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