The Wynntown Marshals + Norrie McCulloch

The Wynntown Marshals + Norrie McCulloch

08 Jun 19:30 - 22:30 - Aberdeen
The Blue Lamp


Formed in Edinburgh in 2007, The Wynntown Marshals tip their hat to artists like The Jayhawks, Wilco, Drive-By Truckers, Ryan Adams and Neil Young.

The Marshals' sound can loosely be described as ‘country rock', although the power pop hooks of "Two's Company" and the Stones-y swagger of "You Can Have My Heart" convey the band's love of guitars, their way with a catchy chorus and their unabashed belief in the power of rock music as a storytelling medium.

The Wynntown Marshals’ lyrics are never throwaway, the subject matter often obscure. World-weary yet uplifting melodies are channelled via strident guitars and gorgeous vocal harmonies, offset by beautiful keyboard parts and driven by a rock-solid rhythm section. Once referred to as ‘The Masters of Midtempo’, the band can also deftly turn their hand to heart-warming, uplifting powerpop.

"Whisky-soaked, with blurry echoes of a decelerated Husker Du... 8/10" - Uncut (UK) Dec 2013

"One of my favourite bands – period!" - No Depression (US) 2013

"A real favourite of mine" - Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2, UK) 2010

"The Marshals' take on Americana and rock 'n' roll just doesn't get old" - Metro (UK) 2014


Norrie McCulloch is an engaging singer-songwriter whose songs touch the fringes of folk and country. His music has been described as being akin to artists as diverse as Townes Van Zandt, Dick Gaughan, Son Volt and Martyn Joseph. He is an artist that enjoys exploring a wide range of influences and musical genres whilst always staying true to his Scottish roots, equating to a style that offers a welcome touch of originality

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